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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site or official telegram bot

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Automated exchange: withdrawal of Capitalist USD to Privat24 UAH

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Most Ukrainian users are interested in how to bring Capitalist to Privat24 on favorable terms. By contacting the Let'sPay exchange service, you can exchange electronic money for Ukrainian hryvnias or withdraw them to the hryvnia card of Privatbank. The withdrawal process is simplified as much as possible.

Features of the direction

Privat24 is an online banking system from the largest banking institution in Ukraine. Works both in the web interface and through the official program for gadgets. A large part of the population is a customer. Therefore, many are interested in the possibility of buying and selling digital assets using this popular banking service.

Realizing the importance of this opportunity for our customers, we have developed effective and simple mechanisms for bringing Capitalist to Privat24 automatically.

Capitalist is a system that is actively used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is perfect for any direction of e-commerce. Supports multiple currencies as well as bitcoin transactions. However, withdrawal into cash Ukrainian hryvnia is carried out only through an intermediary, which is our online service.

How electronic money is transferred to Privatbank accounts and cards.

One of the key advantages for the client is that the exchange of Capitalist for Privat24 is automatic. This means that to quickly withdraw funds from the wallet of the payment system, you just need to fill out an application form. Next, you deposit the specified amount through the Capitalist interface. As soon as the funds arrive in our account, you immediately receive money at the rate on your card account.

In the application you enter the exact amount of electronic money, see how much you will receive at the current exchange rate in UAH, taking into account the commission for services. If you are satisfied with the conditions, click the "Exchange!" button.

The next window fills in the online form, which contains the following information:

  • Your email. If necessary, a letter will be sent to confirm the data.
  • Cellphone. By attaching a number, you increase the level of security.
  • The bank card number associated with your account.
  • Comment (if required).

Check the box "I accept the terms of Service". After that, an application will be created, the number of which will be included in the database, and you can proceed to payment. It is carried out directly from the personal account on the website of the payment system. Next, we record the receipt of funds and make a payment.

Why contact us?

There are some obvious benefits to turning to Let'sPay

  • The exchange process takes a few minutes.
  • We offer services with a small commission.
  • Always a profitable withdrawal rate Capitalist.
  • Effective support service. We will answer any of your questions.

If you have any difficulties with withdrawing Capitalist in hryvnia to Privat24 cards, contact our technical support immediately. You can do this via e-mail or by writing to us in a specially created telegram chat.