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All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Privat24 UAH

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If you have Ethereum in your assets and you need to exchange cryptocurrency for hryvnias, we suggest using our Let’sPay platform. What is the peculiarity of exchanging Ethereum to Privat24 through an online service? Pay attention to such factors:

  • you don't have to wait for free operators to confirm the operation. At any time, you can make a profitable and safe exchange - you will not miss the right rate;
  • exchanging ETH to Privat24 does not depend on working days and holidays, time of day - the money will be credited to the card you specified immediately after the application is made and paid for at the moment when you need it;
  • due to the maximum automation of services, the cost of servicing each exchange operation has been reduced, so the commission is significantly lower than that of most "manual" exchangers;
  • lack of human factor — no one will make a mistake in the details and amounts, you will not lose the cryptocurrency, since the mechanisms for automatic withdrawal of ETH to Privat24 are configured and tested;
  • there is no need to register on the site, pass verification. The exchange of Ethereum (eth) is carried out simply — in the application, you indicate the details of the bank card to which you want to transfer UAH;
  • ETH exchange Privatbank is as safe as possible. Your personal data, card numbers, virtual wallets are not transferred anywhere. Your privacy is protected, as is all payment information.

If this is your first time contacting a cryptocurrency exchange service, you can use the support service. Write to us in the chat, to the email address and we will answer all your questions as quickly as possible, we will help you exchange Ethereum or other cryptocurrency.

Exchange Ethereum (ETH) to Privat24 UAH

The Ethereum or Ethereum cryptocurrency is one of the most popular on the market. With the help of ethereum, not only payment transactions are carried out, but also deals are made with various assets, startups, international banks and other organizations exchange resources. If you need to perform an ETH exchange Privatbank at a favorable rate, without unnecessary risks, we suggest using our specialized platform Let’sPay.

Using the Let’sPay service, you can quickly withdraw Ethereum to your Privat24 bank card. The transaction is carried out automatically, without the participation of the operator and the impact of the human factor. Thanks to this, the service has a reasonable commission for the transfer, its size is visible even at the stage of the application. No hidden fees and charges, full transparency of the exchange of ETH to UAH — before paying, you will immediately be able to see how much you give away ether and how many hryvnias at the current rate will be sent to the card.

Procedure execution order

Right now you can exchange Ether to UAH without leaving your home or office. The online service makes you independent of geolocation. The exchange operation is quite simple. You are on a page where you can immediately fill out an application.

  • You need to enter the amount of Ethereum to withdraw, after which a preliminary amount in hryvnia will be displayed, which will be credited to the bank card you specified. The offered amount already includes our commission.
  • The conversion rate for withdrawing ETH to Privat24 at the time of payment for the application is taken from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance.
  • Next, you need to enter a valid email address, contact phone number. Use only your own e-mail and phone, because in case of problems they will be needed to communicate with the technical support service. It is not recommended to use phones and contacts of third parties, this can complicate transactions.
  • Enter your Privat24 card number - Internet banking or a mobile application will help you find it. Make no mistake about the number - if the money goes to an outsider, no one can cancel the transaction. Do not include third party card numbers. If there are problems with enrollment, you will not be able to solve them and will lose your money.
  • Add a comment if necessary. You can specify any requests, the support service will definitely consider and take them into account.
  • To exchange ETH to Privat24, by analyzing your actions on the site, without tasks to search for identical images or something else, it is confirmed that you are not a robot, it remains to agree to the rules for using the services of the letspay.me service. You can read the rules at any time on the site.
  • After entering all the data and confirming, you will see the number of the generated application and the details of the exchange. The unique number is a guarantee of a secure transaction.
  • Please note that the exchange will take place at the rate that is relevant at the time of payment, and not fixed at the time of creating the application. Since the cost of a cryptocurrency can change significantly in a few minutes, the funds will be credited to the card in a different amount - you should not postpone payment for the next day.

The key advantage of Let’sPay is the fixing of the rate at the time of sending Ethereum, we are talking about the appearance of a transaction on the network. After the transaction receives 8 confirmations, the required amount will be automatically sent to the specified Privat24 bank card. The time for passing all confirmations depends only on the workload of the Ethereum network, and the Let’sPay service cannot reduce it.

Securing transactions

The convenience of an online exchanger is complemented by security. Our point has been operating in this area since 2012 and today has a large number of regular customers, a fully automated service, and a professional support service. Once using our services, you will certainly come back to us again.

For each client of the exchange office, we provide the most favorable rate, a large reserve, different directions of exchange. An automated service does not provide for manual processing. The operator does not interfere in the process unnecessarily. Security provided:

  • quality maintenance of the Let’sPay site;
  • the presence of a security system;
  • AML verification of cryptocurrency, which prevents the circulation of ether fraudulently obtained by attackers;
  • preserving the confidentiality of personal data of clients, indicated numbers of virtual wallets, bank cards;
  • the ability to register users to speed up and comfort each subsequent operation.

You can always find out how convenient and easy it is to cooperate with us from the reviews.

Security does not turn into paranoia - there are no multi-stage checks, scans of documents and photos with a passport in hand and mandatory registration. Just enter your card number, phone number, mail and transfer ETH to the specified wallet. Then the withdrawal of ETH to Privatbank will be completed as soon as possible. If you wish, you can register in the system. In this case, transactions will take place without the need to enter your payment data, wallet and card numbers each time.

Why should you use our electronic exchanger?

Before you exchange ETH to Privat24, you should decide on the service you will use. Today, there are dozens of sites offering the purchase / sale / exchange of cryptocurrency. At the same time, there are scammers, when using the services of which you risk losing cryptocurrency and money.

How to choose a partner among all exchangers who you can trust and with whom mutually beneficial cooperation is available? To quickly and safely exchange Ethereum ETH to Privat24, experts recommend considering the following features:

  • exchange rate and commission amount;
  • simplicity and convenience of filling out an online application;
  • transaction automation;
  • large reserve (stock of cryptocurrency and cash);
  • transaction efficiency;
  • presence of positive reviews that are easy to check;
  • quality of technical support for system customers;
  • availability of a support service to resolve possible issues.

How fast is the exchange of ethereum for hryvnia?

Thanks to the automation of our exchange service, transactions are fast enough. If there are no hitches in the operation of the blockchain, an exchange in this mode can be completed in a few minutes. In the event of a transaction processing delay on the blockchain side, our service cannot affect the acceleration. Also, the efficiency may be affected by incorrect filling out of the form, errors in the numbers of virtual wallets and bank cards you specified. Ukraine does not set restrictions on the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies in any way, so the speed of transactions does not depend on banks and government agencies.

Additional benefits of Let’sPay when exchanging ETH

Our Let’sPay service fully complies with the requirements of modern standards, focused on the comfort and safety of customers. To provide you with a quality service, the site is regularly improved and maintained. We offer you to quickly buy / sell / exchange virtual currency at a favorable and up-to-date rate. You can perform the operation without registration, with full confidentiality.

If necessary, you can make an exchange with a mass replenishment of bank cards. This service is already available for each of our clients. To do this, when making an application, indicate at once several card numbers of banks to which you want to transfer UAH. Remember that during mass replenishment for the exchange of ETH to Privat24, applications are processed manually, and the money is already credited automatically.

If you want to exchange ether for hryvnia in excess of the reserve indicated on the Let’sPay website, please contact support to solve this problem. Consider — it is important to correctly fill in the details of bank cards and virtual wallets,