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User Agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement regulates the procedure and conditions for the provision of services by the service letspay.me

1.2. Letspay.me – hardware and software service located on the Internet at https://letspay.me

1.3 Administration letspay.me – the person(s) providing access to the service letspay.me

1.4. Client – a person who wants to use the services letspay.me

1.5. Letspay.me and the Client are collectively referred to as the Parties.

1.6. The Parties recognize this Agreement in electronic form as equivalent in legal force to an Agreement concluded in writing.

1.7. This Agreement is considered to be concluded on the terms of a public offer accepted by the Client during the submission of an order on the website https://letspay.me , to use the services provided by the service.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Letspay.me provides services to the Client (clause 4 of the Agreement) in accordance with the regulations (clause 5 of the Agreement) subject to mandatory conditions (clause 9 of the Agreement).

2.2. The Client uses the services letspay.me and pays them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Letspay.me undertakes:

3.1.1. Provide the Client with services for the exchange of electronic money and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD and others, in accordance with the rules and provisions of this Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide the Client with the necessary technical and consulting support related to the use and provision of services letspay.me , using a chat or PBX.

3.1.3. Store all information (wallet address, amounts, time, personal data, etc.) for 6 months on Clients' exchange transactions and provide it at the first request of the Clients to whom it relates, with the exception of transactions with anonymous payment systems.

3.1.4. Keep confidential and not disclose information on exchange transactions, as well as personal data of Clients letspay.me to third parties, except in the following situations:

— by a lawful court decision at the location of the owner of the service letspay.me

— at the legitimate request of the competent authorities at the location of the owner of the service letspay.me

3.1.5. Transfer funds due to the client to the specified details no later than 48 hours from the moment the client filed a complaint about not receiving funds after the exchange, in the cases described in paragraphs 3.2.5, 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 of this Agreement.

3.2. The Client undertakes:

3.2.1. Specify accurate and reliable payment details.

3.2.2. Specify an accurate, reliable and workable electronic mailbox.

3.2.3. Monitor the performance of your e-mail box, computer, including the use of up-to-date antivirus software.

3.2.4. Comply with each clause of this Agreement.

3.2.5. Inform the administration letspay.me about partial or complete non-receipt of funds to the specified details of the client as a result of the exchange, as well as about non-receipt of funds, in the cases specified in paragraphs 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 no later than 14 days from the date of non-receipt of funds, otherwise these the funds are placed at the disposal of the administration letspay.me

3.2.6. Provide the obviously correct number of your mobile phone for registration, control (incoming) call from the security service of the service, receiving passwords, short text messages (SMS / SMS) and other ways of informing and additional identification for the service letspay.me

3.2.7. Do not violate the current legislation of the country in which the Client is located by performing exchange operations using the service. letspay.me

3.2.8. If, due to unforeseen circumstances (system error), a larger amount than the amount specified in the order is credited to the client's account, the client undertakes to return these funds to the company letspay.me

3.3. Administration letspay.me has the right to:

3.3.1. Suspend the service for technical modernization or elimination of functional errors.

3.3.2. Suspend the current exchange (transaction), in case of a legitimate appeal of the competent authorities, as well as users with a complaint about fraud, for the time of clarification of the circumstances.

3.3.3. To set and change the amount of discounts for the exchange of electronic money at its discretion.

3.3.4. To set and change the amount of the commission charged from the client as a result of the exchange of electronic money, at its discretion.

3.3.5. Refuse to provide services to any Client without explanation.

3.3.6. Check the history of the origin of the cryptocurrency offered for exchange, and in case of detection of suspicious (at the discretion of the administration letspay.me ) transactions in the past, refuse to continue the exchange operation to the Client and return the funds to the Client in full, minus the system commission.

3.3.6. Require the Client to confirm their membership in the electronic exchange using: E-mail, a screenshot of the electronic wallet, as well as, if necessary, by making a verification call to the phone number specified when filling out the exchange form from which funds were sent for electronic exchange, if this exchange failed.

3.3.7. Terminate correspondence or negotiations with the Client if the Client uses obscene language, is rude, insults, asks questions that do not relate to the support service letspay.me or he does not answer the questions posed by the support service.

3.3.8. Block the exchange according to paragraphs 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 of the electronic money exchange regulations.

3.3.9. Block and not return funds to the Client until his identity is established (in cases of such necessity).

4. Services provided

4.1. Letspay.me provides the following services: exchange of electronic money, namely the exchange of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether USD, banknotes of various payment systems with the possible use of banks listed on the site letspay.me . Exchange services for cash USD, EUR, UAH in partner cities, as well as provide a money transfer service to any of the partner countries.

4.2. letspay.me does not verify the eligibility and legality of the Client's ownership of funds, but checks the history of the origin of the cryptocurrency offered for exchange and the right to refuse according to clause 3.3.6 of this agreement

5. Regulations for the exchange of electronic money

5.1. General regulations for the exchange of any currencies presented on the website:

5.1.1. The exchange is considered initiated when the service letspay.me will receive from the Client the full amount intended for this exchange.

5.1.2. The exchange is considered completed when letspay.me will transfer the amount intended for the Client to the payment details specified by the Client as a result of this exchange.

5.1.3. The exchange of electronic funds cannot be canceled if it has already been started, as well as the refund to the Client of the funds that he wanted to exchange.

5.1.4. In case of receipt from the Client of an amount other than that indicated when making the exchange, letspay.me has the right to suspend the exchange, and in the future, after the Client's request, according to clause 3.2.5, to pay the amount actually received, recalculated at the exchange rate that was in effect at the time of the exchange.

5.1.5. If the Client indicated non-existent or blocked details to which the amount should have been received as a result of the exchange, letspay.me may suspend the exchange, and after the Client’s request, in accordance with clause 3.2.5, return the funds to the account from which they came, minus the commission of payment systems and a fine of 3% of the refunded amount. If sending funds is not possible to the specified details for other reasons, the Client must provide new details to which letspay.me will send the funds, and in the absence of such details, the funds can be returned to the Client to the account from which they were received in full volume excluding commissions for sending funds.

5.1.6. In case of a change in the payment note or payment of the order by a third party, the exchange may be blocked, and after the Client's request, according to clause 3.2.5, the exchange amount will be refunded minus 5% of the exchange amount and the commission of payment systems.

5.1.7. The maximum time for crediting funds to bank cards, taking into account clause 5.1.1, may be 72 hours, which is due to the practice in the banking sector in difficult cases.

5.2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations:

5.2.1. When buying /selling Bitcoin for cash, the order is paid no later than 3 hours from the moment of its creation. Otherwise, employees letspay.me they have the right to delete the order and require the client to make a new order on the website.

5.2.2. When exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for any other currency, the specified phone number in the exchange details must correspond to the Client's personal phone number and be available for an incoming call.

5.2.3. With the automatic exchange of Bitcoin with the withdrawal of funds to bank cards, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is fixed when a transaction appears in the Bitcoin blockchain, funds are sent after the 2nd confirmation of the network.

5.2.4. With the automatic exchange of Ethereum and USDT (ERC20) with the withdrawal of funds to bank cards, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is fixed when a transaction appears in the Ethereum blockchain, funds are sent after the 32 confirmation of the network.

6. Responsibilities of the parties

6.1. Administration letspay.me does not bear responsibility and does not compensate for losses incurred due to incorrect (unauthorized) use of the service, as well as errors made by the Client when filling out the exchange form, which may lead to the transfer of funds to an incorrectly specified account, in which case it is impossible to cancel the exchange operation or return the funds back.

6.2. Letspay.me is not responsible for losses and / or damage (loss) incurred due to the inab ility of the Client to use his own equipment and / or its elements and / or the lack of the necessary full or partial functionality of the equipment or its elements.

6.3. Letspay.me is not responsible for errors, omissions or delays in payments made by electronic payment systems and banks.

6.4. Letspay.me reserves the right to set the exchange rate that is beneficial to the company at the moment, this exchange rate may either coincide with known and used currency exchanges, or not coincide with the exchange rate on them.

6.5. Letspay.me reserves the right to recalculate the exchange rate for the order, which was issued earlier, at the time of payment of the order.

6.6. Letspay.me reserves the right to refuse payment to the client under the affiliate program if it is detected by the system letspay.me that the client took advantage of this opportunity in order to get a discount on his own exchange (that is, the order was made from the same IP address).

7. Changing information

7.1. This Agreement may be amended and supplemented by the administration letspay.me ; changes come into force from the moment the Agreement is published on the website https://letspay.me

8. Force majeure

8.1. The Parties are not responsible for delays or non-fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement and/or agreements as a result of force majeure, including (without limitation) natural disasters, acts of governmental or regulatory authority, war, fire (fire), flood, explosion, terrorism, riot, civil unrest, hacker attacks, absence, non-functioning or malfunction of power supply, Internet service providers, communication networks or other systems, networks and devices.

9. Mandatory conditions for conducting exchange operations

9.1. It is prohibited to use the services of the service letspay.me for conducting illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. Using the services of the service letspay.me , The Client agrees that any attempt to exchange funds of dubious origin will be prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation of the country from which the Client performs exchange operations.

9.2. Service Administration letspay.me reserves the right to provide information about such payments to the competent authorities, administrations of payment systems, as well as victims of fraudulent actions at their request, if the fact of illegal actions is proven.

9.3. The exchange is made on the condition that the Client using the service letspay.me withdraws banknotes only from his electronic wallet and is himself responsible for the sources and methods of receipt to his electronic wallet, due to the lack of the possibility of verifying their origin by the Service letspay.me

9.4. Service letspay.me is not responsible for the exchange operations performed on behalf of the Client in favor of third parties.

9.5. Service letspay.me does not cooperate with citizens of the Russian Federation.

9.6. Use of the Service letspay.me , after clicking the button "I agree with the exchange rules", means that the Client accepts all the requirements under this Agreement.