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Withdrawal Tether US (USDT ERC20) to Monobank UAH

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Tether US is a popular stablecoin whose value against the US dollar is constant and correlates as one to one. That is, Tether US is a relatively reliable way to store funds, expanding your diversified portfolio. If you need to withdraw USDT, you can always do it with Let`sPay for a moderate fee and at the current rate. Our service makes it possible to exchange USDT in different directions, both for cash and for bank cards. Withdrawing a tether to a card is the most popular way to get traditional currency for further payments and purchases in hryvnia. For maximum comfort, we have indicated an exchange with withdrawal to a Monobank card as a separate item on our list. Directing USDT ERC20 to Mono, as well as exchanging it for Visa and Mastercard hryvnia cards, has undeniable advantages: the exchange can be carried out at any time of the day and anywhere where there is an Internet signal.

The USDT stablecoin exists on different blockchain networks. When making a Tether US exchange, you should pay attention to the fact that the chosen direction on the exchange service matches the wallet from which you are going to withdraw funds. For example, this page of the exchange service will allow you to exchange Tether US ERC20 for Monobank UAH, that is, a tether with the Ethereum network. Since the exchange generates a USDT ERC20 wallet to which you need to transfer your coins, sending USDT with another network, such as BEP20 or TRC20, will result in being sent to an unknown wallet and the funds will not reach us, and their tracking will be impossible. This is a feature of exchange operations with crypto-currencies, which are presented in various networks, which you should always remember.

Exchanging USDT ERC20 for Monobank hryvnias with the Let`sPay service has a number of advantages:

  • the exchange can be carried out without registration and verification, which is quite convenient for people who rarely exchange cryptocurrencies, or simply do not want to register;
  • the exchange takes place in an automated mode, without human processing of the application, which increases speed and provides a higher level of confidentiality;
  • data received during exchange transactions are protected from unauthorized persons;
  • when using our service, you can always see the final amount that will be credited in the event of an exchange, because the commission for the services of our exchange service is automatically taken into account when converting from Tether US to Monobank, even before the application is paid;
  • When exchanging Tether US, you can replenish several bank cards at once, for this you need to enable the "Payout to multiple cards" function under the amount of the exchange, then you can equally divide the previously specified amount among all cards, or change the total amount of the application in accordance with the indicated sums in the cards;
  • the exchange service is provided with round-the-clock technical support and, if necessary, you can always ask for help;
  • The service is maintained on a regular basis by highly experienced specialists.

To these advantages, you can add ease of use of the service and a clear exchange procedure that does not require the user to have special knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.

How to exchange USDT ERC20 to Monobank in hryvnia using the Let`sPay service.

For USDT, as for the vast majority of exchanges on the service, you need to follow these steps:

  • Fill in the exchange amount and form fields. Provide only up-to-date information. Make sure that all information is entered without errors, especially the bank card or cards if the option with multiple card replenishment is selected;
  • you need to confirm that you are familiar with and agree to the rules of the Service by checking the box next to the corresponding text;
  • click the share button. An application will be created, to the page of which you will automatically go. It contains all the information on the exchange, if everything is fine, follow the next step;
  • The next step assumes that you click the appropriate button on the application page to generate our ERC20 Tether wallet number, to which you need to transfer the exact amount of Tether from your wallet, which must also correspond to the ERC20 network;
  • After you pay for the application, we will receive the cryptocurrency, and the system will replenish your card using the hryvnia reserves of the service.

Each owner of a cryptocurrency, faced with the need to withdraw it, has a desire to make an exchange profitably. Indeed, in the case of a high commission for an exchange or an excessively large amount of time spent on this exchange, the level of expediency or benefit can approach zero. Also, the client may be concerned about the reliability of the online exchanger. That is why the exchange with us is carried out with a pre-announced commission, without hidden fees. The client, even before creating an application, can understand how much he will receive. And the reliability of our exchanger is confirmed by the long period of its existence and positive feedback. you on the Internet.

So, if you need to exchange USDT ERC-20 for hryvnias with crediting to a Monobank card, do it with us. We hope that you will not regret your choice and be satisfied. After all, Let`sPay is focused on providing a convenient and high-quality service with a transparent commission.