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Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to USD cash

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Cryptocurrency exchange rate by Whitebit.com

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Very often, owners of the number one cryptocurrency in the world require a fast, secure and confidential withdrawal bitcoins to one of the convertible currencies, such as the US dollar. And in cash. Our exchange service offers its services - exchanging Bitcoin to dollars with a small, very reasonable commission.

Of course, one of the most convenient assets for withdrawing Bitcoin BTC is the US dollar. By contacting us and creating an order on the site, you can exchange Bitcoin to dollars - transfer BTC to USD. You will be pleased with the favorable exchange rate. The cost of the crypt always corresponds to the current quotes on the market. At the same time, our service also offers alternative options, for example, exchange Bitcoin to Privat24, etc. You can get it as cash, and payments to the card online.

Why you should convert bitcoins to dollars

Bitcoin BTC – the most expensive and popular cryptocurrency in the world. Not surprisingly, it is a fairly sought-after asset for investment. However, from time to time, money may be required for purchases in stores and services that do not accept cryptocurrency payments. In such circumstances, it is best to cash out bitcoin to dollars. This is the best option. The US dollar can always be exchanged for any other currency if the payment requires it.

About exchanging Bitcoin to Cash USD

To convert bitcoin to dollars, select the appropriate options in the drop-down menu on the left - the exchange rate will become available to you at the moment. Next, enter the exact amount of Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrency that you are giving away. You can also write how much US USD you need. The online calculator will convert Bitcoin to dollars and calculate everything automatically. We take into account the current exchange rates of payment systems at the time of the creation of the order.

Please note that for each direction, including bitcoins to dollars, there is a certain BTC limit. It is also necessary to check the cash reserve. If it is not enough, you can write to us, and this issue will be promptly resolved.

Next step – indication of personal data:

  • Your email.
  • Mobile phone number for our employees to contact you.
  • Comment (if required).

To complete the exchange of Bitcoin to dollars, after that, you need to tick off the agreement / familiarization with the rules of the exchange office service.

If everything is correct, press the button to perform a currency exchange - converting bitcoins into dollars. In the next window, confirmation of the creation of the order, its condition number will appear. You can choose "Proceed to payment" and deposit the required amount of Bitcoin electronic money to the provided details of the BTC wallet of our exchanger. Keep in mind that the arrival time depends on many factors within the network. You must wait for confirmation of the operation.

Once the funds have been sent, please contact us using one of the methods provided. The operator will tell you about further actions - how the exchange of Bitcoin to dollars will take place. You will find out where our exchangers are located and what kind of monitoring of actions with the crypt is carried out by Ukraine.

System Benefits

The Let'sPay service has a number of objective advantages for the client. These are small commissions, high speed of processing order, various conversion directions, a favorable exchange rate, a convenient and intuitive interface. And, of course, a minimum of questions asked when filling out an order. Any problems and incomprehensible moments are quickly resolved by the support service. We appreciate your time and will be able to convert bitcoins to dollars as quickly as possible.