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All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

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Buy US Tether (USDT ERC20) with Monobank UAH

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Let'sPay offers a profitable exchange of Monobank to Tether ERC20. You can use our online service to purchase crypto at the current market rate with minimal time.

About exchanging Monobank to Tether ERC20

The procedure for buying electronic currency is very simple. To transfer Monobank (hryvnia) to USDT ERC20, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the required amount of virtual assets. You can also specify the amount of hryvnia that you are going to send via Internet banking. The system will automatically show the exchange rate;
  • indicate the contact details of the client - phone number and e-mail. To successfully exchange Monobank to Tether ERC20, use only your details;
  • Enter the number of the card from which the funds are being sent. Please note that all payment systems have a confirmation mechanism - you will not be able to use someone else's account;
  • add in the comments, if necessary, wishes for the provision of services, confirm your agreement with the conditions offered by the exchanger;
  • to transfer from Monobank to Tether ERC20, a unique transaction number is used - be sure to keep it before you receive the money;
  • Please note that the cryptocurrency is bought at the rate fixed at the time of payment, and not at the time of application. When creating an application, an approximate commission for sending cryptocurrency is also indicated, which is fixed at the time the funds are sent to your wallet. In just a few minutes, its value may change, albeit slightly.

Security of exchanging Monobank UAH to Tether ERC20

Our exchanger uses a fully automated transaction system. This speeds up the procedure and completely eliminates the possibility that someone will exchange Monobank to Tether ERC20 in another direction by changing the account details. Automation also helps to get rid of random errors, reducing the number of technical support calls and disputes handled by payment systems.

When transferring funds from Monobank (hryvnia) to USDT ERC20, you are not required to pass the verification of cryptocurrency exchanges and share your personal data. Our company does not request photographs of documents and bank statements. Moreover, we strictly maintain trade secrets and never send transaction data to third parties.

Another plus of the service is that the exchange of Monobank to Tether ERC20 online is carried out through transparent channels. We do not use "mixers" and suspicious accounts. Thanks to this, you receive virtual assets legally and are not at risk of blocking.

Letspay advantages

Thanks to full automation and the use of a secure program code, we exchange Monobank to Tether as quickly and safely as possible. The advantages of our online exchanger also include:

  • low commission and real market rates with no hidden fees. In our work, we use only reliable blockchain chains;
  • A large amount of reserve of virtual assets and fiat (regular) currencies is available. If you want to increase the amount, please contact us directly - we will find an individual solution;
  • operational technical support - the company's specialists will answer your questions, help you fill out the form on the site and tell you in detail how transactions are carried out;
  • convenient work schedule – automated processing without weekends and holidays. The only exceptions will be applications that have errors, they are processed manually;
  • Privacy Guaranteed - We never share data with outsiders. Our customers don't have to worry about hackers, phishing attacks or email spam;
  • maximum simplicity - to complete a transaction, it is enough to fill in just a few lines in a special form. Registration is not obligatory for our clients - it only increases the convenience of frequent requests for the exchange of cryptocurrencies online.