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Exchange USD Cash for Tether ERC20 (USDT) in Kyiv

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To top up Tether USD, register an order. The exchange scheme is transparent - you immediately see how much cash you are giving away, and how much USDT will be credited to your wallet. No more additional payments or hidden fees from our service. The advantage of the Let'Pay exchange service is fast transaction execution, a guarantee of security, and a long-term reputation in the cryptocurrency exchange market. You give cash dollars and replenish the tezer in your wallet. If your USDT reserves are insufficient, please contact technical support or create a ticket on the main page. If you are interested in a significant amount, for example, an exchange of 20 thousand or more, then you will also receive an individual, most favorable tariff.

How to top up tezer

Enter the amount of cash dollars that you want to exchange for the USDT stablecoin, the service will instantly display the number of Tether USD to be credited to your wallet. Provide up-to-date contact information to avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings. In the comment field, enter other important information for the exchanger operator, if necessary. Agree with the rules of the service by checking the appropriate box and click the “Exchange” button. After the order is accepted, write to the technical support service via telegtam, email or online chat on the website.

Let'sPay service is a safe and convenient way to buy Tether USD for cash. The technical support service is ready to answer any questions regarding the exchange of cryptocurrency and the details of the transaction, just ask a question in telegram or write an email.

Why are people increasingly buying tezers

The USDT stablecoin lacks the main drawback of cryptocurrency - unpredictable exchange rate volatility. Even top cryptocurrencies can lose a significant part of their value in a few hours, so Tether is one of the best options to save your savings and forget about fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates. Tether is always equal to 1 US dollar, its capitalization exceeds 6 billion dollars, the volume of stablecoin transactions shows constant growth.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money usually involves lengthy banking transactions with the removal of commissions from each of them. Settlements in stablecoins do not have this drawback, which is why more and more participants in the cryptocurrency market are buying tether. Another reason to buy USDT is that this coin is backed by real assets in banks, so a stablecoin is a little more than just a cryptocurrency. An increasing number of people and organizations are recording profits in this coin. It is also convenient for protecting against inflation, since you can transfer fiat money to USDT and keep your savings in the rapidly depreciating local currency.

Buying TetherUSD for cash in the Let&sPay exchanger is always a good decision, the entire operation takes place in one step without using bank cards. You transfer the required amount in USD to an employee of the exchange service and receive the amount of stablecoin specified in the order to your account/wallet (see the field “Approximately for crediting”). Fast, safe, convenient. No matter how crypto rates change on exchanges, you can be confident in the safety of your funds invested in USDT. Since the US dollar remains the world's leading fiat currency, you are investing in a reliable source, and USD and Tezer are less likely to depreciate among others.

The Let'sPay exchange service is an opportunity to top up USDT quickly and without risk in a comfortable office.