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In the electronic currency market, Tether acts as a token that has a stable value against the US dollar, which makes it quite popular and highly liquid. For one tether coin "give" one US dollar, this ratio is constant, so this cryptocurrency is called a stablecoin. But note that Tether (USDT) exists with several networks of blockchain, so it is important to choose exactly the one you are going to exchange when making an exchange. This page allows you to exchange Tether BEP-20 for Privat24 hryvnia, that is, Tether with the Binance Smart Chain network. It is impossible to exchange USDT of the ERC-20 or TRC-20 network here, this will lead to the loss of your asset.

To exchange Tether ERC-20 or Tether TRC-20, you need to go to the appropriate direction on our website.

But no matter which exchange direction you are in and regardless of the network of the chosen cryptocurrency, the Let'sPay service allows you to carry out this operation equally safely and conveniently.

What you need to do to exchange USDT BEP20 to Privat24 UAH with Let'sPay

  • Fill in the field with the amount of Tether BEP20 that you are going to withdraw in hryvnia, or fill in the field with the amount in hryvnia that you need to receive on a bank card. If one of these fields is filled in, the exchanger system will automatically reflect the value in the opposite field, already taking into account the commission. When exchanging, there are restrictions on the minimum and maximum possible amount of the transaction. If you do not fall within these limits, a notification will appear.
  • Fill in the fields marked as required. This is a field with an email address, a field with a phone number and a field with the number of a bank card to which funds will be credited after the exchange. Additionally, you can also specify a comment on the exchange and indicate the Telegram number. For a successful result, it is important to indicate real data, because if necessary, service employees should be able to contact you. All data is protected from unauthorized persons.
  • For convenience, under the button "Exchange!" By default, there is a checkmark confirming your agreement to the rules of our Service. If necessary, they can be found at link. If everything is correct, click the share button.
  • An application will be automatically generated, and a message will be sent to your mail.
  • To continue, you need to transfer the exact amount of Tether to the generated wallet. For enrollment, 20 network confirmations are required, which takes several minutes on average. But there are times when you need to wait longer for confirmation.
  • If everything is correct – the amount declared in the application is sent to your card. In case you mistakenly sent less or more USDT than necessary, this is not critical, but the auto-exchange will not happen, you will need to contact our support team to continue.

When exchanging Tether BEP20 for Privat24 hryvnia, rely on the information you read and the process of withdrawing cryptocurrency in hryvnia to a bank card will be quick and without difficulty.

Why should I withdraw USDT BEP20 to Privat24 UAH with Let'sPay?

The exchange can always be performed without mandatory registration and verification while maintaining confidentiality. We do not share information with third parties and operate solely on the basis of applicable laws and regulations. Our technical support service works 24 hours 7 days a week, so at any time you need it, you will receive help and advice on the exchange of cryptocurrencies. With the Let'sPay service, it is safe and easy to exchange, sell and buy electronic currencies. Our team consists of specialists with extensive experience in this field. We work diligently to provide customers with a reliable and comfortable service. Our site presents the most popular exchange directions and this list is periodically updated depending on trends and demand.