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Withdrawal of BNB BEP-20 to bank cards

Let'sPay service specialists have tested and launched exchange cryptocurrency from the largest cryptoexchange Binance - Binance Coin.

Cryptotoken Binance Coin, or simply BNB - is based on Binance's own blockchain: on the Binance Smart Chain network, BEP-20 standard. By market capitalization, BNB is among the best cryptocurrencies in the world, second only to industry leaders such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

The cryptocurrency market always has high process dynamics. And despite the fact that BNB is a rather unique crypto-asset that can be used for calculations in many cases, it sometimes requires its conversion into traditional currencies.

Let'sPay online exchange allows the holder of a Binance Coin token to perform an automated exchange 24/7, without mandatory registration with confidentiality. You can specify the amount of BNB token (BEP20) you want to transfer to the card or specify the amount that will arrive on the card. In both cases, automatic conversion takes place, taking into account the service fee, and you immediately see how much you give and how much you receive, without hidden fees. Banking institutions issue cards to customers with a wide range of transaction fees, we advise you to familiarize yourself with this information in advance with your card-issuing bank and indicate the Visa/MasterCard card that you own and has zero or minimal transfer fees. Funds are credited to your card automatically, after payment of the application with the exact amount of BNB (BEP20) and the required number of blockchain network confirmations. It usually takes a few minutes. If there is a delay or other problems, notify our support service and they will help solve the situation.

Have a nice exchange!