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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Added automated Dogecoin exchange

Dear customers, we have launched the Dogecoin exchange!

The Dogecoin currency was created as a comic version of bitcoin, getting its name and logo from the Shiba Inu dog meme. The currency is ideal for small transactions. The popularity of this asset has increased dramatically after celebrities such as head of the corporation Tesla Elon Musk and billionaire investor Mark Cuban began to advertise it.

Exchange service Letspay.me the automatic exchange of Dogecoin for hryvnia has already been tested and launched, followed by withdrawal to Privat24, Visa or Mastercard cards. And also the purchase of Dogecoin is automated. Having a Privat24 card or Visa /Mastercard of any other Ukrainian bank, you can easily buy the necessary amount of this cryptocurrency.

We would like to remind you that the Doge exchange is automated and is carried out without operator intervention. Your application will be executed as quickly as possible, as quickly as the blockchain itself allows. And, what is even more pleasant, at any time convenient for you day or night.

If you have any questions, our technical support is always happy to help.