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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Increased mass payout limits

The Let'sPay team is constantly working to improve and perfect the conditions for exchanging cryptocurrencies on its service. This time, for you, dear users, we have improved the algorithm for making mass payments.

What has changed?

Earlier, by enabling the "Multiple cards payout" feature, our users could create one order, and withdraw funds for the number of cards they needed. This was quite profitable, because the commission for sending us cryptocurrency was charged only once, but the amounts that could be transferred to these cards were limited by the total order limit.

Now you can transfer funds by exchanging all the stablecoins presented on the site (USDT, USDC and dollars of the Capitalist payment system) for the required number of cards, and the limits for each bank card will be the same as for order with one card. Now the maximum possible amount of the order increases if you add several bank cards.

Using the Let'sPay service, you always get a favorable exchange rate, a low exchange fee, and now even more savings on the withdrawal of cryptocurrency from exchanges and other custodial wallets.