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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Protection from scammers

Letspay.me is a site that guarantees its customers the safety of exchange transactions and reliable data protection.

And although all the exchanges that you make with us are technically protected on our part, a potentially vulnerable area remains - these are the actions of the client and the device that he uses.

Let's not waste your time and go directly to the description of the most popular schemes used by scammers.

Scammers in Telegram

The Let'sPay service has its own channel and its own bot in the Telegram messenger. From mobile devices, it is very convenient to make exchanges through our bot, but we are categorically opposed to clients finding and using this bot using a messenger search. Due to the high loyalty to its users, Telegram is a favorable environment for scammers. Criminals create duplicate and fake accounts of popular cryptocurrency exchangers, while artificially increasing the number of subscribers to be convincing. It is difficult for uninformed person to find a catch.

In order not to get on a fake Let'sPay account, follow the link from our website by clicking on:

  • Exchange Bot – for exchanges via bot
  • Telegram – for contact support
  • Telegram channel - for to follow news and events related to the exchanger

Please also note that all payment details for applications are generated automatically after clicking the appropriate button, our employees do not provide payment details in correspondence or in any other way. This is a sign of a scammer! At the same time, they are trying to skillfully argue the need for such actions.

Virus programs

If you do not use anti-virus programs and actively use the Internet, or receive and save data to your device from unverified external sources, you risk catching a virus program.

These applications all act differently on the operating system of the device. But one of the common cases we've heard about – this is clipboard data spoofing.

If you copied the details of a cryptocurrency wallet, when pasting data into the appropriate field, always check the correctness of the data. Since there are cases when a virus replaces this data with a third-party wallet, and the user, without suspecting anything, makes a payment, irretrievably losing his funds.

Earning money on the Internet and attractive financial offers

These fraudulent schemes are built with human psychology in mind. Seductive offers can be posted on various information platforms:

  • goods priced well below the market
  • remote earnings
  • investing in unknown projects with quick windfalls
  • other offers requiring funds transfer

Unlike the details of bank cards, the details of cryptocurrency wallets practically make it impossible to identify the identity of its owner, which criminals use with pleasure. To receive the promised goods or services, the criminal offers you to pay, while providing a link that takes you to the application page for the purchase of cryptocurrency. The victim buys a cryptocurrency with his own money, which is irrevocably sent to the criminal's wallet. Therefore, any offers on unknown information resources or from unconfirmed persons to deposit funds entail high risks of their loss.

Actually, according to the rules of the Let'sPay site, it is forbidden to make transactions in favor of third parties, that is, the sender and recipient, according to the rules, must be the same person. But for various reasons, mainly to save time and money, some customers violate these rules, exposing themselves and the exchanger to possible negative consequences.

The Let'sPay team sincerely wishes you only safe exchanges and does everything possible for this, and you, for your part, always be vigilant and careful when making financial transactions. Happy exchanges!