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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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New service: Massive USDT payments

Dear users!

Our service provides a new service - registered payments, it is also registered or mass deposits.

If you need to convert the Tether US cryptocurrency into hryvnia or rubles, and then transfer to 5 or 10 or even 100 bank cards, then our new service will save you time.

The exchange operation itself is performed in the same way as the exchange of USDT for hryvnia or rubles with withdrawal to a bank card, the exchange process takes no more than a few minutes.

It is enough to create an application for the direction of USDT - hryvnia or ruble mass payments, in a free form specify the list of bank cards and the amounts that should be sent to these cards, pay for the application and our service will take care of the rest.

You probably noticed that the card numbers and amounts must be specified in a free form, and of course you thought that payments would be made manually, but this is not quite true. Only your application will be processed by our specialists, and the system will make the payments automatically.

We plan to develop this direction further in order to make the exchange process even more convenient, transparent and fast for our users.


All successful exchanges!