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Dear customers

All exchange operations are provided thru order creation with our web site only

Also, due to the activation of scammers who fake the names of our telegram chat and telegram channel, don't use manual search in telegram. Use the contacts listed on the site. Click or copy.

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Buying cryptocurrency for cash

If there is a need to purchase cryptocurrency, but the money is not on your bank card, but in your hands – We invite you to take advantage of our new exchange directions.

You can conveniently and safely buy Tether (USDT) TRC20 for cash USD, or buy Tether (USDT) ERC20 paying in cash USD.

All of our coins are verified from AML, so your wallet will only be funded with pure and legal cryptocurrency.

This direction works without mandatory registration and verification, but when using our Service you should not try to exchange dollars obtained illegally. As for appearance, the currency being exchanged must meet standard requirements - the bills are in normal condition, without severe damage or marks.

Requests can be created starting from $3,000, and for exchanges from $20,000 we provide the client with an individual, more favorable rate!

We will be glad to see you in the office!